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We are an association of young, committed people drawn from diverse backgrounds and consolidating our diversity and efforts towards social change. We are driven by our believe in tailored local solutions to global problems.

Vission & Mission

Our vision is to foster global education through youth and community-led engagements. To attain this, we are leveraging on our local efforts to address critical social/humaniterian issues.

To create a conducive environment characterized by equal representation of gender , religion, age group and more with a sole aim to strengthen community development and responsibility. vission


We have a diverse portfolio of community engagements ranging from COVID-19 response to documentary film productions. All our projects have the common goal of building sustainable sucieties backed by change oriented ideas and activities.

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Available Podcasts

We are excited to announce this addition to our website which will provide for a more targetted and inclusive outreach for all our audience.

PDE005 _ Social Media: Effects on Education

Advancement in technology and social media, in particular, has made it possible for mankind to defy traditional norms of business and social interactions. In this episode of our podcast series, host Laurata Pechuqui helps us to understand the impact of this technological breakthrough on education.  

video documentaries


Our films predominantly address issues identified by the SDGs. In this regard, we have realised film productions on themes such as living together, humaniterian crises and much more.

Our Covid-19 Campaign

The unprecedented advent of COVID-19 greatly impeded our work and so we have not remained indeferent in regards to the global pandemic posed by the disease. In this respect, our response to the emergency which has predominantly taken the shape of sensitisation campaigns and provision of sanitory gear has targeted kids, vulnerable comunities and persons with disabilities.


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