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  Life in Bamenda after the one-week ghost town

  •  2022-06-07
  •  Nkumi Claris

                          Life in Bamenda After the One-week Ghost Town

By Nkumi Claris

The denizens of the urban city Bamenda feel excited and happy after the one-week ghost town implemented by non-state actors in the two Anglophone Regions of Cameroon from Monday 16th May to Friday 20th, 2021

“Life at home has not been an easy task for me and my family, it was frustrating and intimidating which makes me think of going back to my hometown as a result of no food and no money to buy foodstuff to feed my children. I could not wait for this lockdown to end so that I can continue with my fruits business’’ Timgu Maria a fruit seller expresses herself on how she feels after the ghost town.

‘’I feel very happy today going to school after being home for the whole week though I have not been myself for the past five days now and for the fact that I am in an examination class, we are still far behind before the ghost town as far as the syllabus for the General  Certificate of Education is a concern but thank God that the ghost town has ended and I am back on my feet to continue the journey of my studies while waiting for next month to start my exams’’ a student in Form Five, Government Bilingual High School Bamenda’ ’he explains.