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Online Betting: Fun Turned  Addiction

  •  2022-06-11
  •  Kimah Semir-nyuiy Terry

Online Betting: Fun Turned  Addiction

By Kimah Semir-nyuiy Terry

At 6:44 am today, the sun rose and shun like never before. It is interesting because it is the rainy season which usually has gloomy and cold mornings. While I was enjoying this view, it clicked in my mind “oh I have not checked my 1xbet account”. It became an obsession like an addiction.

There are people who after doing a day’s work or earning a 5,000frs, 10,000frs, or 100,000 frs decide to bear the risk of betting online with the hope of getting a greater amount. Because it is something they have been playing always there has become an unending hope of success associated with it. It gradually becomes an addiction as someone is unable to stop using or engaging in a behavior even though it can cause psychological or physical harm.

Online betting for example 1xbet, Betmomo, betPawa andBetway amongst others, are online gambling companies that are legally backed. Online betting platforms are now known for gambling in all sports. Online betting starts first of all as fun, an obsession until it becomes an addiction. In gambling just like betting online for football matches, there is this hope of always winning even when you are losing money. Betting is mostly done by males but in recent times, girls are becoming part of the flock. In betting, people dare to put in their last franc just to bet, bearing on the possible risks.

Others even get to console themselves that gambling is an investment. There are indeed a lot of risks associated with the game, but there is a difference between gambling and investment. Investment is putting money to use through purchasing an asset that brings in returns such as income or interest, while gambling or betting is all about playing a game of chance and expecting a reward. Gambling is a no-win affair.

We get addicted to things we think we cannot do without. Addiction just like an obsession has its causes. It didn’t just drop from space. An addiction can be caused by genetics or even environmental factors like the availability of what we are addicted to, peer influence, school performant, home and family, and social and other stressors.

Wealth is not the only thing youths, especially in Cameroon want to achieve. There is also an increase in the use of drugs which has become an addiction. Drug abuse according to Cameroon post-line.com keeps soaring. The consumption of marijuana, heroin, and cocaine is on the rise. In confirming this high level of drug addiction we get to see that right in our secondary school we do have students who do drugs. In our streets, we do see lads under the age of 15 who also want to try drugs.


In recent studies, there is a high rate of addiction amongst youths. Youths are not only obsessed with online betting, especially football, but they are obsessed with being rich. For young Cameroonians, being rich and successful is a must. There is no way around it. With our aim of being rich, youths are ready to do anything not minding whether it will cause psychological or physical harm, we just want to be rich.

As researched by the National Committee for the fight against drugs, it shows that 60% of addicts across Cameroon are aged 20 and above and 15% are less than 20 years. But with this high level of drug abuse who do we get to blame? Is it the parents, it is the schools, is it the society or is it the country? Eventually, more girls and boys are becoming chain smokers and alcohol consumers at a tender age. Our college playgrounds and backyards have now become marijuana joints. The leaders of tomorrow are being destroyed and there are still more consequences to come in the future.

Another new addition is phone addiction. We can term it the “iPhone addiction”. “Big bro please can you get me an iPhone”. “I just got my girlfriend and myself iPhones”.  It indeed looks like it's nothing or just mare statements but it is something to throw some light on. There is a special high tag attached to iPhone users, especially in Cameroon and again amongst youths. So is it possible to say that getting an iPhone has become an addiction considering we will do anything to get or keep that status of an iPhone user? Not using an iPhone among peers can cause anxiety which comes from addiction.

Jumping back to online betting addiction, it’s quite hard to depart from it. The best explanation for online betting until it becomes an addiction is when someone has the habit to get into the temptation of easy money. Betting becomes an addiction when not played responsibly. Betting comes with a reward. When you get this reward, there is that gut feeling you can get more, or even when you lose you still keep hoping for this reward which makes you keep betting or even start putting in a large amount until you put in your last franc.

In truth, there is emotional destruction that comes from losing a bet with online betting, especially a football match. Talking with some users, they confirm that they tend to become aggressive after losing a bet. The issue is not losing, but going back again to betting. It is said that when you fall, rise again and do it over and over again, but this is not the type of falling the statement is intended for.

The operators of these betting apps are well aware that people can become addicted to the app. Being addicted to gambling is called Ludomania. Some characteristics of include; playing all the time and turning a blind eye to all losses but keep hoping for a big miracle win, losing money and even borrowing from friends or acquaintances, don’t notice how time flies by just figuring out what to bet on while important things take second place.

Addiction of any type can be treated. We can be addicted even to dresses, sex, drugs, gambling (1xbet), the internet, shopping, plastic surgery, food addiction, and so on. Stopping an addiction is first of all coming to terms and accepting you are addicted. Because many people do not accept it thus making it hard to tackle the situation.

According to 1xbet, an online betting platform, some ways to stop betting is having the willpower to stop, you will also have to start learning a new business or doing something new or try a new hobby. As a gambler you can block or delete your account forever and if this does not work, you can change your account password to a random new password that you will forget.

I also think in trying to stop gambling always remind yourself that to gamble is to lose, always remember that your time is precious. If possible give the online betting app you use a negative slogan as well that can make you stay away from it. You can also write down or count the days you have not gambled. Writing down or counting looks like something whimsical to do but, it helps.

Gambling may not be all that bad an issue but we can gamble responsibly. Just like how it is boldly written on the various betting apps, gamble responsibly.