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Is an Online Gig an Option?

  •  2022-06-21
  •  Mankah Berinice

Is an Online Gig an Option?

By Mankah Berinice

The concept of making money online has become a way for many people to make ends meet and earn extra income, extra fast. Consequently, more and more are becoming self-employed and spending all their time browsing through the Internet in search of the next money-making gig. Everyone has different reasons to prefer making a living online but let us not overlook the possible threats.

Many people have never imagined that they can earn outrageous amounts of money by reviewing, commenting, promoting, or sharing businesses, taking pictures around town, or answering simple questions.  As the Internet has turned into a battlefield for marketers, there comes the advantage for users. Most of these users feel that all they need is just an Internet connection away, a minimum effort, and absolutely no expenses.

According to Pius, a Taxi driver in Bamenda, Cameroon, making money online is a huge advantage, especially for his wife who just put to birth and has the full-time job of caring for the child and cannot really be flexible with her schedule. The perfect fit for her is paid online surveys, which take only 15 minutes at a time and are less engaging. He also said before he leaves the house every morning, he makes sure he finishes his online duties before taking his taxi to the road.  He has invested in different platforms and has made a lot of money even though some are crumbling already. He ended by saying that “my wife and I are not making less than seventy thousand online every month.  Legitimate online gigs will not require any payment in advance; again, you don’t just invest in an online gig when you have not seen people withdrawing from it already”.

A lady in the same town painted another picture of what an online gig or making money online is. “I have never put so much interest in making money online until I saw my friends withdrawing money almost every week.  Still, it did not move me until virtually everybody around me was making money online. This spurred up the zeal in me to also invest. The platform crumbled the very week I invested money. I felt like people were dancing to a melody and before I start dancing, the instruments got bad. Well, I was lucky because I did not borrow the money to invest and I had already made up my mind that if I perish, so be it. The interesting part of my story is that I at least made some money in another platform even though it could not cover the loss”. Prisca explained.