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The Dangers of Authoritarianism: Why We Must Defend Democracy

  •  2023-11-03
  •  Viban Promise Nteh

The Dangers of Authoritarianism: Why We Must Defend Democracy. By Viban Promise N.

The rise of authoritarianism is a global threat to democracy. According to Freedom House, the number of countries that are considered to be "free" has declined for the past 16 consecutive years. This is due in part to the rise of authoritarian leaders who are eroding democratic institutions and norms.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the rise of authoritarianism. One factor is the global economic crisis of 2008. This crisis led to economic hardship and uncertainty, which created an opening for authoritarian leaders to exploit. Another factor is the rise of social media, which has allowed authoritarian leaders to spread disinformation and propaganda more easily.

Authoritarianism threatens democracy in a number of ways. First, authoritarian leaders often undermine the independence of the judiciary and the media. This makes it difficult for these institutions to hold the government accountable. Second, authoritarian leaders often crack down on civil society and dissent. This makes it difficult for citizens to organize and advocate for their rights. Third, authoritarian leaders often manipulate elections to stay in power. This undermines the legitimacy of the government and erodes public trust in democracy.

The rise of authoritarianism is a serious threat to the decades of progress that have been made to advance democracy around the world. It is important to be aware of the dangers of authoritarianism and to take steps to defend democracy. This includes supporting independent media and civil society organizations, participating in elections, and holding the government accountable.