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Media Practitioners in the North West Region Commemorate World Press Freedom Day

  •  2022-05-04
  •  Sama Mildred

Media Practitioners in the North West Region Commemorate World Press Freedom Day

By Sama Mildred

May 03rd which is commemorated every year as international world press freedom day saw journalists in the restive North West Region of Cameroon come out in their numbers to add their voices to other journalists in the world to call on press freedom.

In the region, the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union organized an event at North West Cooperative Association to have an open discussion on the 2022 theme “Journalism Under Digital Siege”. This was immediately followed by another event by the Cameroon English Speaking Journalists North West chapter at the Ayaba hotel.

Participants of Draufsicht Bamenda’s Community Journalism project also turned out to participate in these events and network with other media practitioners so the message on the need for press freedom should go viral and have a deeper meaning in the practice

These journalists were reminded of their responsibility toward a free press and were called upon to practice professionalism, media ethics, and be mindful of media laws. They were also drilled upon on their role in contributing to ending violent extremism in society. In these events, the government was also called upon to enable an environment for a free press, especially the fact that these journalists practice their profession in a crisis zone in which many of them have been kidnapped, arrested, and threatened.

At Ayaba hotel, the event was a mixture of discussion, presentation, and musical performances.