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20th May Lockdown

  •  2022-05-20
  •  Sama Mildred

20th May Lockdown

Compiled by Sama Mildred

“This thing is just wickedness towards the common man..

Whenever days like this approach and I look at my poor mother who sells Folerel and yogurt... days like this used to be her breakthrough, I remember we will go help her to sell in different points in town at the end of the day she will come back and we will help her count what we’ve sold and it used to be the greatest breakthrough in her business, she will sometimes buy a bottle of drinks for each of us and our neighbor.

From this, she will be able to have hope of paying our school fees adding to what we will hawk during the Summer holidays. This is just the example of my home, imagine the thousands who used to sell on this day not only in towns but going to rural communities...

Let me end here...God Please Help us we need back those days” Arnaud, a resident in Bamenda explains his experience.