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Available Podcasts

We are excited to announce this addition to our website which will provide for a more targetted and inclusive outreach for all our audience.


In this audio recording, Draufsicht Bamenda in collaboration with the In-Service Pedagogic Training Program (ISTP) presents a narrative of Non-Violent Communication and violent action in the community through a Radio-drama type storytelling. 

PCE001_ Hate Speech; the Toll on Peace efforts

In this maiden production of our podcast series, host Carry-Pride discusses Hate Speech and the cost of web-based hate speech on peace efforts.

PCE002_ Peer Pressure as a Vice to Communities

This episode of our podcast series features host Laurata Pechuqui, who with her guests, dissects the subject of peer pressure. Coming at a period when juvenile delinquency is on the rise in both schools and other social gatherings, the timing couldn't be better. Listen

PDE010_Cameroon's Anglophone Crisis: IDPs and Host Communities

Host Arnaud Kouamo takes us through an immersive ride to discover the relationship between Internally Displaced Persons of the "Anglophone crisis" in Cameroon and their host communities.  

PDE004_The Role of Community Leaders in Peace Building

On account of the rising tensions and violent extremism, host Tantan Patience and guest speakers seek to discover the role of community leaders and influencers in peacebuilding. Enjoy.  


PDE003_Quality Education

The focal point of this episode is Quality Education, and in that regard, Jude Ntam engages us in a journey to understand the growth and prospects of the youth.

PDE008_Social Cohesion

In Today’s episode of our podcast series, host Jude Ntam is joined by guests Laurata Pechuqui and Rosaline Obah. Here, they seek to guide understanding on the subject of Social Cohesion. Social cohesion has been one of those subjects that have characterized the discourse on Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis.

PDE011_Peace Journalism: The Role on peace efforts

The media is a key partner in efforts aimed at a return to peace in the restive English-speaking regions of Cameroon. Host Bih Sylvia takes us for a ride to understand the nuances of peace journalism. Together with guest Laurata Pechuqui, the importance of peace journalism training/workshops for journalists is emphasized.



PDE006 _ Citizen Journalism and the Practice of Fake News and Propaganda.

Welcome back to our Podcast series. In this episode, host Christel Ngwa with hosts attempts to simplify the complexities of Citizen Journalism practices and the spread of fake news and propaganda.  Coming at the hills of a fragile Cameroon, one characterized by the vices of fake news and propaganda, the timing couldn't be better.

PDE005 _ Social Media: Effects on Education

Advancement in technology and social media, in particular, has made it possible for mankind to defy traditional norms of business and social interactions. In this episode of our podcast series, host Laurata Pechuqui helps us to understand the impact of this technological breakthrough on education.